The Truex Family!

Fall colors are already creeping in the trees and I am loving it!  This is my favorite season to shoot in b/c the colors are so warm, perfect for family photos.  The Truex family was a delight to be with, and I love capturing their precious boys Harry and George.  Thank you Katie and Harrison for letting me take your family photos!  


Welcoming Henley Grey Hunter to the world!

What a joy for me to get to do a newborn session for my friend Kiel who moved to east Nashville this past year.  It was a really neat experience because much of her extended family was there and it was so fun to meet them all and also incorporate them all into the shoot, which was really important to Kiel and Josh. <3  I don't often have grandmothers present during shoots so it was really sweet to see them doting on their new grandbabies.<3  Kiel and Josh were adorable and their home had some amazing natural light, a photographer's dream!  Without further ado.. Miss Henley Grey!   


Baby Everett- Newborn Shoot

Baby Everett was a little dream!  This precious family was amazing... so laid back even when Everett wasn't wanting to fall into deep sleep for a long time.  And it worked out totally great b/c while he was awake we took some really sweet family shots and then I had some time with big sister to capture her fun personality.  I will always stay as long as I need to to get the shots my clients really want, and so sure enough 2.5 hours in, Everett was in such a deep sleep that even when his 21 month old sister held him he stayed asleep! :)  I had so much fun being with this sweet family, and loved the way the pictures turned out.  Enjoy!


Sweet Baby Hadley James!

I loved this shoot for so many reasons. 1- The Poags are amazing. So fun, kind, and relaxed.  2- Hadley is irresistible! So ridiculously gorgeous.  3-Their house was like a museum of beautiful vintage treasures and it was fun to incorporate those little details in their photos.  4- The Sibling love here was almost too much cuteness to handle... 5-Hadley was awake for a lot of the shoot which made for a really unique and fun session in many ways because I was able to capture their family as they really are, as we "waited" for her to fall asleep, and I think they turned out gorgeous!  Without further ado... Miss Hadley James and the rest of the Pogue family<3


Sweet Baby Eleanor- 1 year shoot

Loved being with this super laid back and sweet family for an evening while capturing the joy and personality of their beautiful one year old Eleanor!  She was simply amazing. I feel like watching a one year old makes you remember the mystery that is the world and rediscover simplicity.  


Baby Evans!

I LOVED Shooting the Evans family!  So laid back, kind, and gracious, with an adorable house that makes for fun picture taking.  And Evans was so adorable and easy to rock to sleep!  I love shooting mostly lifestyle photos with a few posed shots... it seems to work out perfectly each time and not only capture the real life moments but also focus in on the simple sweetness of a sleeping baby that you can pose any which way! Without further ado... baby Evans!

Charlie, 6 months

I'm not sure there's a more edible human on the planet... beautiful baby, beautiful window light... a photographer's dream! <3

The Proctor Family!

While I was home in Jacksonville Florida this summer I had the privilege of shooting this BEAUTIFUL family who is gorgeous on the inside and out!  Not to mention shoot at Jacksonville beach, one of my favorite spots on earth.  Needless to say I had a lot of fun and loved being with these friends.  Introducing Matt, Courtney, River, and Oak.  


The Boccuzzi Family!

It was such a joy photographing Anne, Phillip, and little Benton!  He literally had the most squishable kissable cheeks I've ever seen.  It was really fun meandering around San Marco, in Jax, Florida, where I grew up, and notice that not a whole lot has changed there at all.  Still adorable little shops, beautiful river views, and just a cozy fun little spot.