Frequently Asked Questions

-What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography focuses on capturing the beauty in the every day- those in between moments that make your family your family.  It’s all about letting you be you (and your kids be kids!), and letting everyone feel comfortable and have fun.  The goal is to get really natural pictures of your family doing things you love to do together- whether that means enjoying a picnic, baking a pie, or simply playing in a field of wildflowers.  No matter the location, I’m all about capturing the fierce love you have for your kids, lots of snuggles and bear hugs, and laughter.


-Where are you located?

I live in East Nashville but do sessions anywhere in Nashville.  I also travel to Jacksonville, Florida quite often so if you are interested in setting up a session let me know and I can plan a trip or work it into an existing trip.


-How long til we get our photos?

I guarantee an online gallery of at least 30 finished, edited photos within 10 days of your photo session.  


-We’d like to book a session- how do we do that?

Great!  Just email me directly at or contact me via the Contact page on this site, and we will make it happen.


-What is your payment process like?

Fifty percent of the cost of your photo session is due at the time of booking.  It is non-refundable, however, should something come up and the date or time is not going to work anymore, just give me a call at least 24 hours in advance and I’d be happy to reschedule. The rest of the session cost is due at the time of the shoot.  


-What clothes photograph best/ What should I wear during the session?

Most of all, I want you to feel comfortable but also something you enjoy that you will love seeing in pictures later.  Outfit choices can really make or break a photo, so give it some thought a couple weeks before your shoot and make sure you have something you like. Here are a few general suggestions:

·      Avoid any clothes with words or graphics, as they draw attention to themselves and distract from your family.

·      Avoid solid blacks or whites, or bright pink or red (creams are ok!)

·      For your family shoot, it can be really helpful to choose a loose color scheme and lay out your outfits ahead of time to see if all the colors look good together.  I am more than happy to help in this process!  Feel free to email me a picture of your outfits and I would love to make suggestions if that is helpful to you.