Welcoming Baby Fisher

This shoot was so much fun!  Fisher was asleep when I got there and literally stayed asleep for the entire 2 hours. This is the first time that's ever happened!  He was such a sweet and easy baby and Sara and Trent were such kind hearted people.  Also, how cute is their house?!  Without further ado, here is sweet baby Fisher!

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The Riesinger Family

Oh my word THIS FAMILY!  Sometimes I have to really work for smiles and to get a family having fun for good images, but this family was all smiles and fun from the get go!  They were soooo easy and such a joy!  These two girls are best buds and love each other so sweetly too.  Thank you, Riesinger family for letting me be a part of capturing your beautiful spring images! 

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Welcome to the world baby Sylvie!

I'm catching up on blogging a bit as the craziness of fall photography has slowed down a bit.  About 6 weeks ago I had the sweet privilege of capturing the Lapinsky family as they welcomed baby Sylvie into their family.  When I walk into a newborn shoot I almost feel like I'm walking on holy ground.. to be trusted in such a precious, sacred, but also crazy, vulnerable time is such an honor each time.  Thank you, Michael and Lindsay for inviting me in and letting me capture these sweet moments!  I love your family dearly!

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diana cherry photography

I had so much fun doing this mini session with the Carpenters!  If you know them, you know how special these 2 (well, 4:), are.  Gold, really.  Thankful to know these two and to capture a few sweet photos for them. <3

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The Merrick Family

One of my favorite things ever about photography is getting to know new families.  This PRECIOUS family goes to our church and it was really fun to have this opportunity to get to know them better.  They were so sweet and happy go lucky with everything I wanted to try which is always really fun for me. :)  Without further ado.... Jill, Chris, and baby Abe! <3

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The Chojnowski Family

I love these friends so much and that they recently moved to NASHVILLE!  What a treat for this lady.  So much fun capturing these precious friends' family.  They juggle 3 kids like it ain't no thang and they engage with their kids in such beautiful ways.  Their kids were sooo easy to shoot b/c their mom and dad were so engaging with them and they were all just having fun!  I only had 30 minutes with them but it was plenty to get so many good shots.  Thanks for letting me capture your memories friends!

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The Carroll Family!

This amazing family was so much fun. I loved each of their unique relationships with each other and watching how each kid mirrored different aspects of their parents.  It's so much fun doing photography and getting to meet such neat people in Nashville!<3

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Fall Family Shoot- The Nelsons!

I got to know this PRECIOUS family at Midtown a couple years back and it was so fun to reconnect with them and snap some family photos with these beautiful fall colors!  Some people are just so natural in front of the camera and they were just that... their sweet interactions gave me all the smiles I needed so I hardly even had to work for the smiles from either baby.  <3  Also- how beautiful is the glowing lake with the sparkling trees behind it?!

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